Monday, April 30, 2012

God's Agenda

My friends and I were talking about how we want to be in God's will more than anything in the world. To submit to his will, easier said than done. We talked about what God's calling to our lifes could be and if we could obey and say ok God this is what you want and I want it too. And what if God called us to things that would be hard. Could we say ok Lord I dont know if I can do this but if you called me then you will equip me. Well it was a good talk. Encouraged us both. Well Sunday came and we headed to Jubilee service. Choir practice was good then I changed into the clothes my sweet Mother brought for me. Then headed back into the auditorium. There were men and boys all gathered around the stage and praying for God's spirit to be in the building and to speak to us through the man of God. After good prayer announcements and recognitions were made and then the service headed into song service. The presence was welcomed into the place and you could feel him move in. Then the Man of God was introduced and opened his Bible and the word was brought forth. His title was GODS AGENDA. He talked of how some feel like they are going through the fire, and that perhaps they are but its not because God is uncaring but its because he is preparing us for something Great. And he read the scripture and the parable of the fish and bread that was multiplied and given until everyone was full and still they had leftover. He said the great miracle was that yeah God gave the multiplied food to the disciples and the disciples gave it to the people. And that God is giving us something to give away as well. And then he talked of a young girl who was a case that nobody wanted. They all gave up on her. They took her to a place were the lost cases went and put her in a dungeon and into a cage. But there was nurse who believed and went to talk to the little girl. Her name was Anne. Little Anne was like an animal. One moment she would attack and the next she would ignore whoever came in. So the nurse kept coming back and she brought brownies and she would leave them by the cage and Little Anne would ignore them. The next day the nurse would come back and find the brownies gone. On and on this went. Until they finally brought Anne up out of the dungeon and she started opening up and doing very very good. So good in fact it came they said she could leave. But Anne did not want to leave. She wanted to stay and help. And she did. There was one child she helped and it was written down in history. The little girl was blind and deaf and could not talk. Her name was Helen. Anne taught her to communicate and soon Helen Keller was teaching others to learn as well. Anne went through the storm to help and Helen as well. Are we willing to abide by Gods Agenda to help others? Are we willing to turn our desires away to do His will??

I dont have no problems no problems at all............

On the way home my Mom had the cd on and we were listening to the Crabb family's new cd. And the song was talking a bout how we think our problems are soo BIG until we stop and hear other people problems and what theyre going through and its like you know what God has given me a good family that loves me, a good church that is strong and striving for the right, a good job, im getting paid, i have clothes on my back and i have close friends who care about me and i have food in my tummy. And the little things that I turn into mountains , if I really stand back and look they are just hills. I aint got no problems no problems at all.....My life could be worse. But God in his awesome power and loving grace has been so good to me I cant complain. Count your blessings when your feeling blue its surprising what a little bit of countin can do. :) No problems at all......  :D

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Boiled crawfish....

Have you ever had boiled crawfish? It is actually pretty good. The only thing I really don't like is pulling the crawfish apart. But the potatoes and corn are to die for!!!!!They areboiled with the crawfidh so they have a spicy flava but you can just bite into it and yuMMYY!!!If you never have tried it you need to try it!!! It an experience you'll never forget.My little cousin Kolton had a birthday party at his Grandparents house. They boiled crawfish and they not only boiled the crawfish but they threw potatoes, corn, whole onions, mushrooms, and garlic too.
It was good too. Staying busy with the family is what I love to do. Family,and church is my LIFE!!
For some good Cajun Food try Flavors of Louisianna. 

The scenery in Oregon

On the way to Oregon we passed through California and it was pretty, When we hit the Shasta Mountain it was dark and it was raining and then all of a sudden the rain turned to SNOW!!!!!
I have a picture down here of it. Well we were on pins and needles!!!! Well we passed through and 
then we were in Oregon and the beauty that we saw!!! Tall pine trees and green pastures everywhere!!
There were tons and tons of cattle and sheep and horses everywhere. Rolling hills and the we passed tall pine trees with snow on them it was absolutely stunning!!!!Gods handy work is amazing!!! He did and he did it good!!!!!!
            -This was what it looked like coming through the Shasta Mountains. It reminded me of the ride at Disney Land. Space Mountain.

 - It was foggy and the clouds were circling the tops of the mountain tops, and the roads were winding around the mountains and curving this way and that.
 -Heres a better picture of the fog and you can sorta see the snow laying between the trees.

 - Heres the snow on the trees so pretty!!!!
 - A farm with cattle. They had acres and acres and these cattle or sheep would be stretched out across it.
 - This field we passed and it was amazing how the yellow grass was soo bright.
 -Ever see a pair tree. These are the blossoms before they bloom. It was in her backyard!!
 A close up of my Aunts Holly berry tree.To my agonizing surprise the leaves were pointy and sharp!!
      All kinds of flowers because it is soo moist and fertile.

 Some of the houses they had downtown we historical and you could go in and explore but we had very little time and didnt get to.
 trees and trees galore!!!
 Streams and ponds and rivers in the most beautiful places and water falls.
 As we were passing through this little town we had to stop at this awesome old fashion stop light. I have never seen anything like this before.

 The earth was so fertile they had large earth worms making holes int he ground as they came up to the surface.
 These were the branches of a tree in my Aunts backyard.
 The Holly Tree

The moss grows everywhere!!! It even grew on the cars
 Up and down the sidewalks flowers of yellow and purple and red grew like crazy!!!

 This was across the street from a Mcdonalds. Wow huh!!!

 Beautiful land of Oregon!!!!!!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Family and God...

I just wanted to blog and say how thankful I am for my family. Its thought tough times that you are pulled close together and all the arguements sieze and you give you shoulder and a shoulder is given to you in return. God has been faithful to us. In our moments of fear and in the moments of trouble and grief and sickness Hes faithful. My Pastor preached Sunday morning about the word and how the word of God is powerful!! And he said if you point your finger at the scripture that says by his stripes you are healed and then you lay that Bible by your side healing is yours!! And I believe it. Gods word is true and he meant what he said when he said it. And when God says hes gonna do it, it may years, it may be months or weeks but in his perfect time, he will come through for you. And he will give you peace beyond your understanding. Its like I heard one say He may not take the storm away or make it stop but he will be by you and he will hold you hand and comfort you through the storm. And when you come out of the fire, you'll be like pure gold. strong and beautiful. Gods way and word is powerful and true. And God knew what he was doing when he gave us family. And I am sooo thankful!!!!!

Hair Styles For You!!! :)

I had a cousin ask me about hair and how she has no one to show her how and I got to thinking hmmmm I could use my blog todo this I think. 
So I decided to take pics of  some of my friends hair for ideas and for everyone to kinda see and then make their own custom details. And I will be putting up tutorials step by step pictures too. I think it will be fun :) We'll see how it goes :) And if you have any ideas or pics you can either email me at or leave a comment :) its hair time ladies lets make our glory shine :) 

Baby Doves
Right outside my kitchen window a Mother Dove has decided to make a nest and lay eggs in one of our trees. And the babies have hatched and are growing soo fast!! There are two babies, you can see the one and the Mom but the other is kinda snuggled down deep under the Moms chest.