Tuesday, April 30, 2013

the great grape war!!!

This year to prevent the birds from eating my grapes im going to see if this little bird feeder will help. The birds seem to like it but well see what they like better, bird seed or grapes :) 

Sunday, April 28, 2013

car show

My brother,dad, and uncle went to a car show and my brother actually got to put his car 
in the show. He was so excited but here are some pics 

 pink mustang!!!

 kyle and his car

 my uncle ronnies truck

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Fresh Fire in the Mountains

Friday night we all headed up to White Tank Mountains for our friday night service.
It was very fun :) we had grilled burgers and hot dogs and sat around and talked then 
after every one had finished eating we all gathered in and had service we had two young men 
talk/preach for fresh fire and they did very well!! Then....oh and songs too of 
course then Bro.Alexander got up and preached/talked about a sure key for not backsliding.
The key was to know the word and to hide it in your heart. He talked about how on sunday night your 
all fired up and then monday comes tuesday comes etc and life throws things your way and sometimes you walk through the wilderness and temptations come to you but if you have the word in your heart 
you can overcome all that comes your way. He even talked about the parable of the seed falling among the hard ground the stony ground the good ground and then the seed that was swept up by 
the birds and how when our Pastor preaches we all hear it but its us who determines what kind of ground it shall fall on. will we recieve the word or reject it or let other things take it away or let things and lusts of this world choke us and the word cant get in.....And thats why Satan doesnt want us to know the word because if we know it than we can defeat him. He also talked about how after the Lord was baptized by john he didnt go right into his mintistry but he wandered in the wilderness for 40 days and then he began his healings and miracles. But even the Lord was tempted, but He knew the word
and He overcame the Devil and temptations because of it. So when you get your victory praise God 
but also know the wilderness is going to come sooner or later and the only way to get through is to know the word the Lord provided for you and hear the word from the Man of God. 
And after wards we hung out a little bit then everyone started heading out.