Saturday, December 31, 2011

Time Warp Wife

Time-Warp Wife - Empowering Wives to Joyfully Serve
 My mome showed me this blog today and its
 pretty neat. There are some neat things on it and then there
are some things that just make you think.

Heres the link :

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas 2011

Hope your Christmas was one of the best years ever!!!!! Hope you
and yours had a wonderful day together!!!

Christmas Banquet 2011

Here are some of thepics I promised. So we got there and sat down
then the mc kinda got everything started then he had Austin come up 
and do a few crowd breakers and one of them was a questionaire thingy 
and if our table got the right answer then we could go eat well our table got it on 
our first try whoohoooo!!!! So we went to get our food and it was this wonderful 
chicken and a salad with strawberries in ot and rice. It was really good. then we listened to 
Austin sing some crazy christmas songs. And then we got dessert and refills etc. After that
we all gathered inlike a huge family and sat and listened as Pator read us the christmas story 
from the Bible then we prayed and got up and 
went back to our seats and a large group of folks got up and played a southern 
country feliz navidad lol pretty cool and that was the grabd finale. 
Then we started cleaning up and taking pics an dall the fun and crazy stuff you do afterwards.
But later after that a bunch of us went over to Denny across the street for water. hehe 

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Christmas Banquet!!!!!!!

This year we are having a Christmas Banquet!!! And I will post pictures soon because lol we have not had it yet but soon :)

Saturday, December 10, 2011


              Today I'm doing a shoot.And I'm soooooo excited!!!!! But boy is it cold out there today!!!!
Yesturday had a yard sale and woke up early too and my fingers were sooo numb from the cold!!!!
Today I'm making sure I have warm boots on and a scarf two sweaters and gloves!!!! Hahahaha
Gonna make sure I'm warm!!!!  I'm not complaining just stating the obvious!!!! I love every moment of it!!!!
It's the most wonderful time of the year!!!!! Lalalalalala

    15 DAYS TILL CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Thank You for your comments ladies!!!
And for stopping by and taking a look at my blog!!
And glad you like them.  :)

How To Cook Cacti!!!!!!!

Hahahahaha This is great some time ago my friends spent the night and we took a walk well
we found cacti and we thought hmmmm I wonder if we can cook this??
So we cut us a piece and took it inside

                                     We washed it and then we cut it and peeled it.

                                Then we tried to cook it. Well when we tasted it lol Oh my word
                 it was soooo grosss!!!!!!!!  But we had a lot of fun experimenting!!!!

Reminiscing partII

This was a couple of years ago I think. We went caroling that night. We had a blast!!!!!
                             One night after church some while ago...

 Bro.Lambeth Jr. came to preach at our church and we tooka picture with his wife.


Today I was going through some pictures and ran across some of my little cousins.
They are getting so big!!!  There were some good times. We play games and
baked and all sorts of things. Heres a few pics. :)

Heres a picture of kolton. We were babysitting him and we went down to the park
and they had a huge puddles and we ran through them and so we had to dry his pants and so
he hid in the laundry basket. hahaha
            This was another time we baby sat kortlynn kylie and kolton and we decided to bake. look at these sweeties hahahahahaha... no pun intened....well sorta kinda
          Spoon aint getting the job done.....
                       bug eyed baker!!!
             Want to know why they are sooo SWEET!!!!!
                                                        Somthing about the laundry baskets????
They love these baskets. Sometimes we would drag them around or push them around the kitchen tile.
                                 Maybe I rode my horse to long.
                                        Oh how I love my cousins hahahahaha Good times good times :)

Little Man

A Sister in the church asked me to baby sit and if I could take pictures while I baby sat.
So I did. It was quiet interesting. This little man had a definate mind of his own.
He loved being outside, running around and playing with rocks and loved to give BIG smniles. He sure did keep me on my toes. But we got some cute pics.
Thank you Little Man and Family for allowing me to 
take these pictures. I had lots a fun!