Thursday, June 28, 2012

The good Lord STILL has the whole world in hid hands!!!!!

My Bro and a few of his friends were headin to cali this week to just have a good relaxin weekend. So yea they were getting all pumped up.

My Mom was getting woke up at two every morning this week just weird same time and she would just get up and pray and then she would get tired again and go back to bed. She told me about it several times just how crazy it was and always at two. Huh crazy Mom, didnt think nothin of it.

So today my Bro and his friends took of for cali. They packed got a smoothie and some energy drinks and headed off.

Tonight didnt have nothin to do so I stayed home as Mom and Dad went shopping. On my computer and I get a call from my Mom.

Ashley you'll never believe what hapened!!!!!!
What Mom?!?!?!?!
The boys just rolled in their car!!! They are all ok but they rolled two times and are stuck on the side of the road. They are ok but the car is no good.
What!?!?!?! Crazy No way! WOW!!
Ashley I think it was God waking me up to pray for those boys and God kept his hand on them and they could have been smashed but God protected them!!!! Hes a good God and when God tells you to do something you need to do it. You may never know what for or why He has you doin it but He knows what Hes doing!!!!

God is so good the car was smashed but they just had a semitruck pass them and the car started swerving back and forth and all of a sudden flipped twice and landed on the side of the road. The boys could have easily been crushed but the Mighty God knew what He was doin and protected them and held them in the palm of his hand. Thank you Jesus!!!!! All praise and glory to you Lord!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Sneak Peak

Heres is the sneak peak soon very soon ill be posting some more. :D

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Congrats to..........

Congrats to Chelsie and Cody on their engagement news!!!!!! The happy couple will be getting married on August 31, 2012!!! Today I took their engagement pics so very soon sneak peaks and then some more pics will be coming out so stay tuned........:)

Going to the chapel and they're gonna get maaarried.........

Saturday, June 16, 2012

mans best friend.......

They say mans best friend is dog well, sometimes we think that but then the truth 
is we have a friend who is closer and more devoted than k-9. He has stuck by our 
side when all our strength was gone and he was our strength. He was there when 
we couldnt see through the storm but we could feel his hand in ours.
He was there to calm the storm but He knew we could make it so he 
walked through with us. He watches over us both and night, He gives his angels charge
over us and puts a hedge of protection about us and sometimes covers us in the shadow of his wings. 
He is always with us even though sometimes we hide and walk away. His spirit hounds us and is jealous of us. He loves being our first love and nothing less. He gave up everything so we could 
know him better and when we cry he gathers our tears and saves them. He hears our every whisper 
and is there to help us get back up and dust our selves off and keep on the journey.
He loves for us to tell him every detail about our struggles and our fights
and the joys and thank Him for the good times too. 
The Bible says He is closer than a brother.
Hes the Lord God Almighty.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Our House

Happy Friday Everybody!!!!!!!!
hERE aRe SomE PicS Of OuR HouSe 
and these are the before pics.
Mom took down everything 

              Here are Some of the little areas and the little things Mom has picked up at yard sales and goodwills to fill in the area above her cabinets and around the kitchen. I dont think all the spots will stay looking like this but some will.

This is like our little coffee spot.  
            Over the coffee spot and the black french menus Moms looking for a cafe or coffee sign to go above it.
 So thats it so far. But its coming together very nicely and Moms excited about it!!!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

take me out to the ball game......

We had a baseball fundraiser for our church the other day. Five dollars to play and then they had drinks for sale. We had so much fun.

Aiyana Adain and Haley 
 Some of the guys praticing
 huddling together to scheme

 batting practice
 throw that ball!!!!
 I love how the lighting in this picture turned out, looks day but it was night time!!
 pitching and throwing

 stiring up the the dust
 swing batta batta swing
 and of course we had to have sunflower seeds!!! the next day my cheeks and lips were sooo swollen from all the salt lol but it was worth it!!!

 Play Balllll

Sunday, June 10, 2012

new things and new style.....

I think everyone loves new stuff. Whether it's clothes, shoes, events, or decorating!!!!
The last one is the way we are going, and when I say we I am talking about my Mom and her house and Me. So Mom is trying to redecorate her house but on a budget. So we are looking for house decor at the goodwills and at yard sales and consignment shops and places such as these. It really has been fun since my family loves these kind of stores. So far she has her new green couch, a new french country china hutch, a bunch of little knick-nacks in the kitchen oh and she found these very comfortable, iron, padded bar stools. I love them!!! She has wall paper she is going to be putting up soon. And she bought a new rug for the living room and a new coffee table from a yard sale. It has the curvy french legs. So as everything starts coming together I'll take pictures and put them up for all to see.

We are going for a french country look. Greens, Gold, Black, and Burgundies. So here we GOOOOO!!!!!! :D

battle against the mockingbird....

Since my grapes are getting riper and redder. The birds have been coming in to have lunch well I got tired of chasing them adn this week I ll be at work so I cant watch them 24/7. So went down to Lowes and got some chicken wire and wrapped it around my grapes. We thought it would do so my family and I went in to get ready for a b-day party. While getting ready my Mom seen a bird on top so we watched as this little mockingbird stuck his beak into the wire and pulled out a green grape. NOOOO!!!!! S o we ran out and scarred it away then preceded to fix whatever problem we missed and then whala we had it.......Well we will see how many clusters we will harvest when time comes. I sure hope its a good bunch of them.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012


We have a nest right outside of our kitchen window and for the third time a mourning dove mom has nested there and is laying her eggs there. I never thought these birds nest so much but I guess they do. But has been so cool watching these babies hatch and eat and try their wings and then take off and sometimes walk around and then finally leave for another mother bird to come and the cycle starts all over. 


I dont know if you remember a post I put up a little while ago about my grape vine, well here are my grapes now. They are getting bigger and redder!!!! I am sooo excited it took them two years to finally bloom!! :) Now I have to figure out how to protect them from the birds!!!! 

Pictures from volleyball Saturday night. We had a ball. We had enough people there to play a tournament. So four teams and we played till the last two teams had to play against each other. It was so much fun and we didnt leave till ten!!!! Good Times Good Times!!!! :D

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Graduation 2012

 Its over and they are finally graduated!!! So now onto their dreams aspirations and goals!!!!! Congrats Seniors!!!!!