Saturday, July 28, 2012

Heritage 2012

Heritage was soooo GOOD!!!!!! 

Victoria Hannah and Melissa with Bro. Hopkins on the bus ride
We stopped at a gas station and this was the scenery. All black with tons and tons of lights everywhere!!
Garrett and Daniels first year at Heritage
Sis Ramirez
Some of the youth waiting to aboard our bus after breakfast

Anthony and Nate
Jackie and Valerie
          Miriana and Melissa


                    Fakers......pretending to be sleeping
         Keri Meghan and Mariam    they matched!!!!

Shelbie and Me

PRAYER SERVICES!!!!!!!!      Our youth group got around and were praying one for another and
the Holy Ghost fell and the girls gathered around and the fellas gathered around them and it was powerful!!! It was amazingly awesome!!!

Deli and his little sister Rayna 

Megan Morey was drunk in the Holy Ghost and couldnt stop laughing
These are from friday morning

Bishop Johnson
EElder Jones, Howard and Short
Brother and Sister Short felt the calling of God to go as missionary across sea. The Holy Ghost was all over them
Brother Howard
Brother Short preached God finishes what he starts

Then Bro Mckillop got up and preached the Geneology of Idolatry.

Heritage this year was amazing. The songs the services the worship the anointing and the Holy Ghost. God was good to us and came and met us there. Praise God!!