Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Kasen Dean

My little cousin Kasen is getting so BIG!!!
It's amazing to me how fast life goes by!
I have heard many of my Family say "life goes by faster as you get older"
And the older I get the more I see this happening, Duh! lol 
and how fast time flies, and it is just another reminder 
to love the ones closest to you and enjoy life to the fullest, do all you can for God 
and give all you can, and enjoy the small things in life.
stop to smell the roses,
stop and take a deep breathe,
stop, stand still and know God is God,
and look at all His glory around you.

sneak peak

Here is another sneak peak Senior Grad 
preview for ya'll.

Monday, March 9, 2015

Family L

                         Thank you Family L for allowing me to take your pictures and
                           enjoying your Family. You all are so beautiful and photogenic
                                             and smiley!!! I had a great time!

sneak peak

Here is a sneak peak 
of a Senior Session that is 
to come.

Family W

Family W is very special to Me.
Maybe it has something to do 
with "Them" being my 
Family, hehe, And I had 
a blast taking their pictures.
Also in these pictures you can see my newest cousin,
Kasen Dean Wesson
welcome to the Family little guy!!!

Family B

 I have not blogged in a while.
            So I am trying to upload everything I have done since the last time I blogged.

Family B was such a sweet and awesome Family. I enjoyed every photographing this Family.
And the area was great too! It could not get any better!!

Thank you Family B for allowing me to take your Family photos!  It was great fun!! :)