Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Christmas at Disneyland part1

These are some of the pictures from our trip to Disneyland during the Christmas Holidays.
We had a good group show up and we had a blast!!! Fun and surprises happened all the time and best of all we got the chance to spend Christmas with family that we don't always get to spend the Holidays with.

this picture we just got to the Grand Hotel and my family was waiting on us 
 this is of the huge tree they have in the middle of the hotel in the main lobby
 My cousin surprised us with presenst when we got inside (Ugg boots and blankets and jackets from cabellas ) thank you stanley!!!!!
 It was sooo exciting he also got my cousins gifts too!!!
 And we received signed pictures from mickey and minnie and tinkerbell

This is us at the Story Tellers Cafe downstairs in the hotel. Different characters come out and the sing and greet the guests and take pictures and the food was really good and they had the biggest ginger bread house I have ever seen!!!

 Kortlynn and Abigail
 Heres that gingerbread house i was talking about

 the boys and kyle

 mom and dad in line to get in
 jim and keva and their kids
 mom holding our tickets
 we made it in and the scrolly scroll on the lawn were all shaped with piontsettas

 stanley and his indian friend

 decorations were everywhere

thanksgiving golf!!!