Friday, September 30, 2011

School Kiddos

I was asked to help out at our Church School and I reedily agreed. So I help out on Tuesdays and last Tuesday was my first day. I have never been in the kindergarden class in the beginning of the year so it was a very new experience for me. But dont get me wrong. I loved every moment of it though. and of course I took some pictures for you to see these adorable little ankle bitters:)

Oh and I have a new website so if you would like to look at that MY LINK IS BELOW
check it out if ya want :)

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Check out my bro's CAR!!!!!!

Kyle's Stang

Kyle got his Stang Tuesday and boy was my Bro excited! He couldn't
stop smiling! :) Its such a nice car. Its a 2006 Gt Mustang. Charcoal grey
and leather interior. Mufflers and alll!!!! :) Go Bub Go!!!!!! :)

Newest Flowers

Some of my newest headbands. And I have made a few flowers with pins and little clips in the back.
Ecxited bout the new ones!! :)

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

room under comstruction

And I want to take this iron scrolly rod arch thingy and paint it black and
put it over my bed to make my own little headboard!!!

here's my wall that i've been working on. It's not done but i'll put up a post later when I finish it completely and I'll try to make it straighter. lol, it's a little crooked (hehe).

And I want to make my dresser kinda like this one. But im gonna
do a kinda mosaic style more like this last one. And my dresser will be black.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

A Grandma

-Grandma always made you feel she had been waiting to see just you all day and now the day was complete.
Marcy DeMaree

-There's no place like home except Grandma's.
Author Unknown
Friday the 16th day of september the year 1921 My Grandma Frazier was born. She wasnt a Frazier then but after marrying my Grandpa she was.:) She gave my Grandpa ten children. When my Momma who is the tenth child was jusy a baby, My Grandma lost the Man she loved in a car wreck and took up two jobs to support her four children who still lived at home. She never complained about her life but did what she had to do to survive. She was strong and had a God she believed in strongly. He was everything to her. At times

she had to depend on her older daughters to help baby sit the younger girls Momma and Aunt Rhonda because she was working her second job. As Her children grew older and Ronnie and Roger and Kelly married and moved out, She still had Rhonda. Those years I didnt know much because they were told in stories while the whole family would sit around in Grandmas living room and reminisce about the " old times."
I heard stories of how Momma would have to go to work and so my Grandma would come over early or spend the night and she would sleep with me and I would snuggle under her arm. She loved me beyond infinity and back! I remember when we would go over to her house mostly on monday nights and of course the whole gang would either arrive soon after or alreadly be there. And She would roughly pat my cheeck and say nothing but the look in her eye said it all. I love you. And she would always ask if we were hungry and rush of to the kitchen to make corn bread or what ever she had in the pantry. Shes the one who got me started on dunkin my graham crackers into my coffee :) She was the one who sewed up all the slits in my skirts and resewed them because i'd pop them open. She was the one who had the neatest pencils. She was the one who would say You know I love you dont you. And the one who always scratched my arms or legs or tummy or back. When we would pick her up to go to church I would lay in her lap and she would always say oh your gonna mess up your hair but i didnt care. And oh the church services when God would deal with me after crying I would and could go back to her and hide my face in her lap and we would start sobbing and praying and  speaking tongues all over again together. I remember holding her sweet arthritised hands in mine and just looking at them. Those were the hands that labored hard for my aunts and uncles for me! And soon Grandma became sick and for two or three Christmas's in a row she would end up in the hospital and then she be ok but one year she didnt come out of it. She just got worse and worse and then the one she loved soo much called her home. She was going to meet him. I miss her so much. Ya know I hear my Aunts and Uncles talk about how even when they were kids and messed up she loved them sometimes tough love, and she never complained about the life she had been delt. She had it tough. I had the sweet privilage of keeping one of her Bibles and all the scriptures hig lighted or underlined talk about fear the Lord and watch your mouth, and it became clear to me that thats who my Grandma was. She made sure she never said things that would hurt anubody but She also feared the Lord and put Him above all else. She learned to depend on Him and So today my family well some of us went down to her gravesite to celebrate her bday :) H appy Birthday I know I'm a day late but I love you sooooo much and miss you!!!!!! But I wouldnt bring you back for the world. Love you soo much Grandma Muah!!!!