Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Engagment PhotoShoot

                           Congrats to Jon and Chyra!!!!!They are getting married and I
had the honors of taking their engagement pictures. I had sooo much fun with this couple who were
ovbiously in love and soo happy. It just oozed out of them and we had a really fun day. They both had some family there and we just had a awesome time. Thank you for allowing me to take your pictures, your both  naturals!!! Thank you again!!! :)

Here's a sneak peak of my latest Photo shoot.....

 LOL I don't if ya can but I'll let you try and guess who :)

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Antiques!!!!!!! Love E'm!!!!

Today My Aunt and I went antique shopping. We went to this new shop
called  Sweet Salvage. http://www.sweetsalvage.net/ 
 It was the neatest place ever!!!! We had to wait to get in,
cuz we got there at 9:45 and it opened at 10:00.
But when they opened the doors it was like whoa!!!! They had beautiful things everywhere!!!!
retro decor and iron decor and vintage and modern all together. It was like
I couldn;t get my fill!!! I wanted it all!!!!!!!
Old  type writers
                                                 rustic decor for yards and inside  homes
                                                         colorful reto furnishings and nic nacs in awesome colors!!!!!

                                         look at this skirt for the bathroom sink. it was burlap sooo cute!!!!!
                     This was soooooo cute!!!!!!!

    Then we hit another antique store called Paris Envy  http://parisenvy.blogspot.com/
It had the most beautiful things and I loved this store as well!!!!

                 Then afterwards we headed to this older neighborhood and some of the houses in
there were soooooo amazing!!!!! They looked like they belonged in a magazine. Green ivy growing all over them and the beautiful brickwork and the huge trees!!!! Sooooo gorgeous

So today was awesome I loved it :) Thanks Aunt Sherrie

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

I'm redoing my Room!!

I'm redoing my room and I love the french style-look. And i've finally come to the conclusion I love pink.
So I know I want to keep the pinks in my room but i want my room to be brighter and
so I know I want a lot of white!! I dont know if I'm gonna bring in black or that pale muted blue?
But here are a few pictures I  found on the internet that I like. I might get some of my ideas from
these pictures.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Song Last Night

Last night the sky was giving us a light show and the thunder was singing and
the rain started a slow dance then the dance picked up speed. and the clouds
moved and the sky changed colors and the birds swayed and darted
across the sky. And the sun rays glitzed across the wet street.