Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Saturday, September 15, 2012

My Room

I have been changing my room and I think I'm about halfway finished but here 
is what it looks like so far. 

Thursday, September 13, 2012

What is that in the sky???

I dont know if anyone witness this besides a few that I know of, but this early morning around 5 O clock my Dad called me and woke me up telling me to go outside and to take my camera. I did and walked out to this. There was not a cloud the sky but this and the moon and one star.The bottom line was moving and a rainbow seemed to be leaking out of the white lines. 

 I was blown away amazing

 This is the bottom line that kept on moving

 Check out the rainbow wild crazy man!!
I guess it turned out to be a rocket down in white sand new mexico


Luke is one of the biggest air training bases in the world and we have airmen from the netherlands and singapore who come down and train there. Well we had some dutch airmen from the netherlands come down and they loved Flavors of Louisiana were I work and they came by every so often and so one day they came in and they brought us StroopWafels. They said to put them over a hot drink and then eat them. They were like very thin waffels and in the middle of them oozed out camel and cinnamon and when you put them over the drink such as coffee it almost melted in your mouth. They were sooooo good!!!! And the very cool thing was that they were from the Netherlands!! So thank you Boudewyn, Stine, and Erik.

So you put the wafel over your coffee cup like that and the steam makes them soft

 See you can see the caramel oozing out the sides
 Here is the bottom of the bag. Thats the price etc. soo cool!!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Family Camping Trip 2012

The boys loved my Brothers army stuff. Here is Richie with camo paint on.
Stephy and Onyell getting a fire started
Gavon and his bow
eating breakfast

Kyle is showing them how the paintballs explode

Eli and Addy

Eli Addy and Wyatt on our litle walk we took
To think they are all cousins and they look like they should belong in totally different families :) sooo cute
  Luke in his camo
Richie is hiding
Gavon and his bow

We found a little hut someone made

Eli found a pine cone

I could NOT believe all the yellow flowers everywhere!!!!! It was beautiful!!!!!

We went to Mormon lake and fished for a while and I walked around and tooke pics of all I could find

All we really caught were little minos and crawdads

By the time we came back everyone was getting ready to cook diner and it was steaks and pork chops very tasty

 On our way home we seen these four mustangs following each other down the highway

 Then we seen a mach 1 which was beautiful!!    We had such a wonderful time. :)