Sunday, February 26, 2012

tea party...........

                    Ok so remember that post I put up about my Aunts church having that tea party.
So it was the day of the tea and Mom had let me sleep in cuz I was beat. So around ten O clock  my Dad got home and got me up. So I jumped in the shower and then ironed my skirt and was pretty much ready well Mom got home and got ready real quick too. So we headed out I asked Mom can we grab something to eat cuz I'm starving. She said we are eating there and I said Noo we are gonna be serving so we stopped at a valero and Mom and I jumped out and grabbed some drinks and a bag of Doritos. So we finally arrived at Aunt Sherries and we jumped out and Moms saying come on we have to hurry. So She was walking soooo fast and I was like well go first She said no go but she was in such a hurry I didnt want to slow her down so again I said go first. She said no just go. So I walked around the corner and all of a sudden a a huge SURPRISE!! was shouted and then my family and friends started singing Happy Birthday to me!!!
At first I couldnt comprehend what was happening I was like what these people dont go to my Aunts church!!! And then I was like wow really hahahahha It was awesome!!!
It was one of the coolest things ever and how they kept it a secret
is beyond me but then we all ate some of the food my cousin  Missy made and then we played
a few games and then they brought the desserts out. They all looked beautiful and then Missy brought
out my cake. She got all teary eyed and said a speach to me for me and it made me cry and then we ate and i opened my presents thank you to all of you. It was soo neat! Sooo here are the pics of My Surprise Birthday Party!!!!!!!!!!!

- I was like how what huh???

-Me and my cake!!!!
- my gorgeous cake!!!!!
- my friends in my Aunts play house for her grandchildren lol :)

- Thank yous to all that came and to those who helped make my birthday surprise just that much more sweeeter!!!!!!!!! love ya'll!!!

I want to say thank you to My Mom and Dad to my cousin Missy to my Aunts Sherrie, Carolyn, Bobbie Ruth, Carol, Tami, Mary and Hannah for helping and putting this all together. Mom and Dad I have been blessed to have such awesome parent s who love me and I dont ever doubt it cuz you always are showing me in different ways. Missy!!!! You sooo outdid yourself you have soooo much talent and I am sooo blessed to have a cousin like you. Not only talented but humble and sweet and caring and strong. I love you soo much!!!!! And that cake not only was gorgeous but it was fresh and wonderful too!!!!!!!!!!  Thank you everybody for all of it!!!! You made my birthday the best  EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!! I  love you all!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

sneak peek of newest photo shoot

- year 2012
-the event graduation
-the graduate........?

Horses!!!!! I lOVE THEM!!!!

The Arabian Horse Show is soo awesome!!!!!!They have all kinds of colors and size horses
there and they are everywhere!!!!! beautiful and glossy strong and graceful. My Dad and I
even seen a lady riding a side saddle and we seen buggys too. Its just soo neat to see these
beautiful animals in motion and action. And they things you can buy!!! Its just a really cool event
to go to and experience horses for what they are. Beauty. Here are the pics I took while we
were there. :)

 -this was the native costume event. they costumes were custom made for their horses.

-jumping practice

                        -western pleasure

-the arena and horse and rider competeing in the english pleasure

- the lady riding side saddle
- horse getting a bath
- check ou this horses tail isnt that cool!!
-same horse and saddle different lady
they got first place in one of the english pleasure rounds

- Now these are yearlings and when Dad and I sat down to watch some guys came up beside us and started
pounding on the chairs and when that horse would walk away from the judges and his/her turn was up they would leave this happened like three times and Dad said im gonna ask what that was all about.
-Well he did. And the lady said they are waiting for their horse to get up in front of the judges then they do that to help the horses ears prick up because of the noise but she said it doesnt really work. haha but they were just tryingto help their horses along. :)
-walking to someplace
- waiting for judges to pick first place etc.

- isnt it wonderful!!!!