Wednesday, June 22, 2011

baby, baby

Nothing is a sweet as a itty bitty baby. So
innocent and precious.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A Awesome Birthday Night!!!!

 My friend Stephanie had a Birthday party last night and we had a blast. We went to an Italian Restaraunt called Grimaldi's Pizzeria. It was soooo good. Its hand tossed pizza and you get to pick your toppings.
 And after the wonderful pizza we headed to the Hyatt. Stephanie didnt know we were headed
there she thought we were taking my other friend Valerie home. When she found out we were going for dessert she was sooo happy and excited. So were we. I for one have never been there so it was most definetly a TREAT  to remember. :)
 We walked from the parking garage to the Hyatt across the street and walked into this fancy hotel.
The furniture and light fixtures were so different and awesome. We couldn't help but look around. We made our way to the elevator and the doors closed and we pressed the button that would take us all the way up to the very top of this building into what is called the compass.This was one of the fastest elevators I have ever been on. We zoomed up and the doors opened and in front of us was a waiting room with four chairs and a coffee table.
  We walked passed the waiting area and into the dinning room. We were so amazed we just kept walking and then a waitress came up to us and asked if we had been helped and how many of us were there. We told her six and she told us ok the wait will be 20 minutes. and that we could wait in the waiting room. haha whoops :) Finally they came and sat us down. we looked through the menu and what we thought was dessert was not and that the sweets were what we were looking for. I guess the desserts were drink desserts not cakes and other rich things.
                            So we ordered a choclate lava cake with ice cream which was wonderful
          And a goat cheese cake with berries and basil. Which I thought was good it certaintly looked beautiful.
     And a peach upside down cake which to me tasted like a cinomony pumkin sweet. Very good too.
    And a strawberry shortcake which was good too. The strawberries were soo fresh!!
  And Stephanie's sweet won!!!Hers was a caramel apple peacan bread pudding. Oh my it was heavenly. The peacans tasted like they had been caramelized, they probably were, and oh it was just like zing, wham, ahhhh in your mouth. Very very good!!! And out the window we could see the city lights for as far as our eyes could see. It was very neat!!!
    We finished and then headed outside were we couldnt stop talking bout how much fun we had that night.
 So we walked back across the street and went back up to the parking garage and then we decided to take a few more pics. Some fun ones.
 And then we all piled back into the van and headed off to cracker barrel were we would meet our ride.And we had a few minutes so we rocked in the rocking chairs and played checkers and enjoyed the rest of our awesome night.
 It was so awesome and the best is that the Birthday Girl had a blast!!!! :) Happy Birthday Stephanie!!!