Thursday, August 9, 2012

Sunshiny DAY...

My little cousin wanted me to spend the night and the next day we went to the park and played on 
the playground and played one of their favorite games we made up, it's called "Run Away From Ashey" and that's basically what they do and I catch them and put them in a fake jail and when I catch them all then we start all over. They love it.

Adison hoping down the road
              The boys were playing Sonic and I would take pictures of them and they would turn around cuz they didnt want me taking their pics.
            Mario and Sonic
 They would turn around and hide but they wanted me to take pics of their toys lol
                They were funny one sec they were mad at each other and then they woudl all of  a sudden become bffs again and run off and start a new game.

 We finally ended up playing  another game, haha I chased them around the house trying to take their pics and then they would hide and I'd run and hide and a few minutes later they would come looking for me and I would snap their picture lol it was hilarious and then they wanted to wrestle!!!!!

       Adison watching her sister play a game on the ipad

 I taught them another game they loved. Its called splish splish splash. Kinda like duck duck goose but with water. What better for a sunny hot day right. They loved this game.
 Someof the water was really cold and they would scream and then jump up laughing their heads off.

 I love my little cousins they are the best. We missed Kortlynn and Kylie though.

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